Is Pole Poised well for dry skin?

Yes, our Glit-a-Grip is also a moisturizer. Aloe Vera has moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties that help give a cooling effect to damaged skin.

Our product also helps those who suffer from rosacea.

How to use Pole Poised Glit-a-Grip?

Apply the grip anywhere on your body. Allow the grip 30 seconds to 1 minute to absorb into your skin.

How to use Pole Poised solid stick grip?

Apply the grip to any points of contact except for your hands.

Can you combine both grips?

Yes, It’s safe to combine both grips.

How to use Pole Poised Bath Tea?

Drop Bath Tea in bath water. Allow for herbs to steep for 2 mins. Sit back and relax.What is Pole Poised?

Pole Poised makes all-natural, vegan products for pole dancers. We make products to help aid pole dancers’ journey. We make grip, bath tea, and body balm.

Is Pole Poised well for those who are sweaty?

Yes, our grip is great for those who sweat excessively. Our Glit-a-Grip is aloe vera based. The cooling effect on the skin helps to regulate excessive sweating caused by heat.

Do you have samples?

Yes, We have sample packs available. The sample pack includes Bath tea, Pole Grip, and Glit-a-Grip.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, We ship internationally.

If you have any questions email: Polepoised@gmail.com

How long does the glitter last?

Our Purple, Gold, Blue, and Pink Glit- a- Grip last all day and give off a shimmer effect. No shedding.

Our Silver and Turquoise have big glitter. The big glitter last for a few hours. Sheds a little.

We have clear for those who don’t like glitter.