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What is Pole Poised??

All Natural Products made to ease your fitness journey .We make grip aid, body balm and bath tea. Pole Poised creator is Mica Saunders aka The Pole Chemist. What is a Pole Chemist? I gave myself the name Pole Chemist! When I was in grade school I always enjoyed doing science projects for school. I was always that kid outside after it rained, lifting up rocks to see if any earth worms or strange creatures were under the rocks. When I wasn’t able to go outside. I would go into my grandmother’s room and began doing my own science experiments. I would mix lotion, body powder and rubbing alcohol and wait for it to explode like a volcanic. Sadly I didn’t realize this was not going to happen. My grandmother would catch me in the act…She would yell,” Mica you are going to be crackhead one day if you keep stiffing those products.” My grandmother would be so mad that I had made a mess of her dresser and ruined her products!

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