Labor Day Sale ( First Aid Kit)

Labor Day Sale ( First Aid Kit)

28.50 35.00

Pole Poised First Aid Kits includes:

Body Balm: Moisturizer for your skin.Please apply moisturizer right after you shower. Body Balm helps with bruises and dry skin. Use 6 to 8 hours before poling 

Bath Tea: All natural herbs that helps relax muscles

Solid Pole Grip: Apply grips to points of contact. Not for hand usage

Purple Glit-a-Grip: Our Glit-a-Grip is great for Bodybuilders, dancers, pole dancers and fitness lovers.

Great hand and body grip when using pull up bars or pole dancing.

Great moisturizer that will have you sparkling like a show girl

Glitter is Biodegradable 

All natural


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